Thursday, January 25, 2007


I don't get 'emos'.

Well, I get the story behind the while 'emo' movement, but what's the deal with the masses of teemos (I seriously crack myself up) that congregate outside Borders, near the Malls Balls or even kumbaya style around the bins (yes, the bins)?

Wait, let me paint the picture for people who don't frequent Rundle Mall. So we've got gaggles (I just wanted to use the word gaggle) of teenagers who dress up in black (everything), wear some form of band t-shirt and jeans which I am sure are stunting some kind of important growth. Smiling is banned, because of course, they are 'emotional'. I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of sitting on the ground for hours on end exactly stands for, but they seem to do a lot of it.

If you're trying to make a point of distancing yourself from mainstream society and being non conformist etc, why would you make yourself look like everyone else you hang out with?

Bring back the homie days. God, I feel old.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Carob sucks

So in light of my new found health problems (will be confirmed in a week) I have decided to explore the world of gluten, wheat, rye, dairy, (insert anything else which tastes good) free. Let me just say it's an empty world. As I write this post I am trying to digest the carob buckwheat crisp bar I bought at the supermarket. When I was at primary school and I bought carob drops wrapped up in tissue paper for 5 cents. Back then, when I preferred getting chocolate (i.e easter eggs) rather than actually consuming it, this was ok. Carob is not ok now. It is devoid of sugar, salt, egg, caffeine and all the other things which are good in life. Ugh. Of course, despite my complaining, I am eating the other half of the bar ha! Plus, I really just wanted to post something and this is the only thing I have to write about!!

Basically I think my system went into failure from my recent/ongoing journey into gourmet nirvana. Hello, as if my body shouldn't be able to handle a gelatio a day and copious amounts of meat at night. Sheesh.

I really, really really feel like dumplings tonight. Like really.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Give me lobster

Last night my sleep was rudely interrupted by bearing witness to a lobster crawling around my bedside lamp. Naturally, I immediately jumped out of bed (steering clear of the lamp) to a. get away from the lobster's tentacles and b. to turn the light on to get a better look.

Ok, so once the light was on there was no lobster to be found. Unfortunately, it was only after I had run across the room on my tippy toes and my fingers were slamming against the wall trying to find the switch that I realised the scenario was a little wrong. But honestly, I could have sworn I saw a lobster.

P.S I am having more dumplings tonight. That's 3 lots of dumplings in 5 days. Pretty impressive huh?

P.P.S Were there only 5 members in New Kids On the Block? Cause I went to sing step 6 this morning but there wasn't one. Is that cause there were only 5 members?

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Persuit of Dumplings

I'm on a mission. On my recent trip to Sydney I had the BEST DUMPLING SOUP EVER (Rani can back me up). Now I have made it my mission this weekend to replicate such happy memories in Adelaide. It's a tough gig, but someone has to do it. I'll be sure to report back.

On another note, I have formed another theory. I have decided that Asian people (including half castes like myself) can't sprint. Our legs were not made to move quickly. Instead, they were made to squat for long hours at a time in rice fields. I'm not sure if we can run distances, all I know is where are the 100 metre Asian sprinters at the Olympics? At times, it is very limiting being Asian.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A love bite - my arse (well almost!)

So I ended the year off with being bitten by a bloody dog. Of course I get bitten by a dog when I've paid an obscene amount of money to go to an all you can drink party for New Years and get put on antibiotics to prevent infection. I ask you, who else but me would get bitten by both a dog and a donkey in their life? AND I've had my toes sucked by fish. Is this weird? Maybe I'm like a animal whisperer or something. Actually, that would mean that animals like me, not bite me. So maybe not. PLUS I reacted to the tetnus shot which went into the same side of my body as my bite. THEN later that night a mozzie bit me 4 times on my arm (same side as everything else of course).

I feel tainted.

New Year Cheer

Happy New Year to you all blah blah blah.

Now I have a question.... what is the etiquette with group Merry Xmas/Happy New Year text messages? Are you suppose to reply to them? Do you write a heart felt message back or a 'ditto' type thing? Or, and, this is a doozie, do you even write back at all? I'm really not sure.

At Christmas I wrote back with messages of 'I hope you get good pressies' etc but for New Year's I was soooo over mass mailout messages. Dammit. I wanted something personal. So no one got any prosperous well wishes back from me.

Such are the questions I am asking myself in 2007. Yes, it's going to be a fun filled and mentally stimulating year.