Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New York, New York

Hey all

Just a quite note to say hi and let you all know how much I love New York!!!!! It's so awesome, I honestly can't find the words to describe the place. Let me start with the food. There is the BEST supermarket across from the hotel. It has every type of food imaginable. They even have mini cheesecakes. I'm in heaven. Then there is Central Park. It's gorgeous and huge. I have been trying to find that fountain that the Friends gang splash around in but to no avail. I spent a good two hours walking through the park with this girl from my tour but still didn't find it. Oh, I also went out for tea last night and there was a 20 page menu! Ahhh, so much choice. So little time to eat everything here.

Today I went to see the statue of liberty, ground zero and some other things I can't remember. I am pretty jet lagged hence me not being able to remember what I have done. I am sure it will come back to me though. Oh, I also went to Times Square. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get over how cool it was.

Just quickly, Hawaii was fantastic as well. Although I did walk around like a zombie as I didn't sleep on my flight. I, of course, had to sit around all the oldies who decided they had to cough every five minutes. Seriously, I was about to tell them to put their tongue to the top of their mouth to stop them from coughing. And then after coughing they had to hock it up. Then I got the after wind from the coughing come back in my face. It was gross. Sorry if you didn't need to know that information but it was a major event on my way over here.

Must go, am off for dinner. Hope everyone is well. Sex in the City tour tomorrow and also hopefully a Broadway show!! xx

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I'm very bored at the moment, although thanks to Samsung I can enjoy free internet while I wait to board my flight. Not a lot to report. I made a friend on the transfer bus from domestic to international. I showed a lady how to make a phonecall on her mobile phone. It's very exciting being the youth of today. She took one look at me and said 'you'd know how to work a mobile, wouldn't you'? See, that's what happens when you are in your EARLY twenties. To all of you who didn't get that it's my belief that 20-25 is early 20's. 25-28 mid twenties and 28+ late twenties. Some disagree with me, but they are just wrong. Yes, I am bored. I am typing absolute crap.

Hmmm, maybe I will go and re arrange my backpack. BTW - I ended up taking a black backpack as my hand luggage - it has wheels. I think it was a good choice but we will see.

Ohh, maybe I will go look for the hello/goodbye crew, although I don't think my story is newsworthy. If only I was meeting my internet lover at the airport for the first time and he ended up being a she.

Ok, I'm hogging the computer now.


Friday, May 26, 2006





1 day to go!

From the countdown of 3 months to 14 weeks to 2 weeks to 1 day, the time has almost come for me to put on my DVT stockings, pack my spare pair of underwear in my hand luggage and lug my EXTREMELY SMALL BACKPACK* around the US, Europe and Asia.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me luck and sorry to my workmates for being too happy over the last couple of weeks and for my unnerving spontaneous smiling. I promise after the customary 'I've been on hoidays for 3 months so I have 1.5 months of happiness once I come back to work', I'm sure I will go back to being myself.

I'll try to post as often as I can...


*Kerry - despite my bitching about space I am extremely grateful for you lending me your packpack!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh crap - I'm leaving in 5 days

Made a list of things to pack - check
Got someone to collect my post - kind of check
Buy batteries for my camera - check
Wash everything I am going to pack - kind of check
Has someone made me doubt my 2 backpack idea - DOUBLE CHECK!!!!

Argh, so Ben made me put on my backpack and my carry on backpack yesterday and made me stand for 5 minutes with both of them on (backpack on back, carry on backpack on my front). I lasted about 2.5 minutes before my back was hurting and I had to take them off. The thing is, there was nothing actually in either of them so now I am feeling a little worried about the whole, 'yea, let's take an additional bakcpack so I can buy more things' idea...

I am actually going to pack tonight and put my backpack on and then climb up and down my stairs at home. Hmmm, I predict only one backpack will make the cut....