Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Flipper fury

People who wear flippers while doing laps in swimming pools are cheaters. Flippers were created for ocean use only i.e diving for treasure and body boarding. It is not, and I mean NOT, ok to wear flipppers in the medium lane of a lap pool. If you must wear flippers go in the FAST lane. Or here's an idea, use your legs. That's why you are swimming.

(Please note it is ok to wear flippers in a pool if you are old or have an injury)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

XX vs OO

This particular subject has caused much debate at my work. In the end I was proved wrong by about 3 people - majority rules. But I would still like to explain my argument. So here it is. Cast your mind to signing off an email to a good friend or a text message to a partner and you include a 'xx' at the end. My question to all of you a 'xx' a kiss or a hug?

This means that in every letter, email and text I have written or typed in the past using 'xx' to represent a hug I have actually been doing A LOT of kissing. But to me it's doesn't make sense. When you do the action of a kiss your mouth goes into an O and when you hug someone you cross your arms around them = X. It simply does not make sense for an O to equate to a hug and a kiss an X. It's stupid and I think it should be changed and that's all I have to say.

xx (And yes, that's a hug)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What I've learnt

In three and a half months I visited 51 cities and 17 countries and learnt the following:

- I don't like religious art
- Old Italian women shouldn't ride bikes in skirts
- If I eat one Nutella crepe, I'm probably going to want to eat another. And that's ok.
- If I'm relying on my directional skills to get somewhere I need to stop in the direction I am walking in, turn around, and start walking the opposite way.
- I'm not comfortable with men wearing headbands (get a haircut) and sarongs (you don't need to cover your thighs)
- Bring your own hand soap
- It's ok for your favourite icecream to be a commerically produced one. I don't have to be an icecream snob.

Umm, I think that's it. See, I'm a more well rounded person now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Last one - you guys will never have to see anymore pics of me ever again!!!

Hmmm, mini pancakes at Tokyo Macca's
Me in Honkers
Me at the biggest outdoor Buddha in the world

Yes, more

Me on my donkey riding up a hill in Santorini
Yes, you have to do the Japanese school girl peace sign when in Tokyo
Toilets in Japan have 'ambient' noises for when you are peeing!!
Crazy Japanese pokie advertising
Japanese shogun

But wait, there's more..

Ok so no matter what order I put them up the pics always get muddled so hopefully you can match the descriptions with the pictures

In Seville I went to the coolest palace EVER (the alcazar). It has the most awesome Islamic style architecture.
Me in Lyon where I ate the massive baguette with the hunk of goats cheese surrounded by the smell of urine
George Clooney's house in Lake Como (well, I decided this was George Clooney's house)
Me in Santorini (it's sooooooo pretty there)

Photo lovin'

Ok so we have...

My second visit to Paris just before I am about to get some culture into me at the Musee d'Orsay
Me in Biarittz (where I had the BEST icecream ever - lemon meringue pie)
Cordoba - so beautiful
Me in Seville just near the largest gothic cathedral in the world
Me in Madrid (yes, it's all about me)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm back, but here's more holiday stuff

Ok, so I'm back but let's pretend I'm not (insert some travelling back in time music). Ok, so I'm still in Tokyo. Today I was walking around Ginza and who do I see come out of a department store? None other than queen skank Paris Hilton. Yes, she is skanky. Yes, she is short. Yes, she needs to travel for 3.5 months and eat her way around Europe. Air is like, so not a diet. She was in Tokyo promoting her new single. I wish I was as talented as her....

Anyway, I got to Hong Kong ok after having to negotiate my way through crazy crowds at the local Asakusa Brazilian Festival the day I was leaving (yes, a Brazilian Festival in Tokyo). Hong Kong is/was cool. I went to China the day after I arrived in Hong Kong and really didn't like it. After years of having a complex about my snotty Asian nose, it was commented on more than one occaision how 'western' my 'high' nose was. It was honestly really hard to be in China. You can't walk one step in a shopping centre or market without people pulling at your arm and calling out 'missy, missy, you buy, you buy'. It really got too much, especially seeing as though I saw about two other foreigners while I was there, so there was a lot of staring going on. I understand the culture is different, but I found the people so rude, pushy and unfriendly. It was especially hard having come from such a friendly and calm place like Tokyo. I was glad to go back to Hong Kong, the people were still unfriendly but they didn't stare at me as much as they did in China.

So now I am back in Adelaide (insert current time theme music) and it feels like my holiday was just a dream - that's until I look at my bank statement and this crazy flanelette shirt thing in my wardrobe that I bought in Tokyo because the sales assisant was nice and spoke English to me (yes, I am a sucker).

You know what. I like this blog thing. My dribble will continue....oh, and I'll post up some more holiday photos too..