Thursday, August 30, 2007

Excitement is reaching an all new high

I have numerous things that I am excited about. I like doing lists, so the fact that I am listing what I am excited about is, in itself, very exciting. Maybe I also need to think of another word for exciting.

1. I'm excited about Megan coming over here to Xmas and New Years. HEAPS EXCITED!
2. I'm excited about my South Australia: It's heaps good t-shirt arriving - thanks Teresa!!
3. I'm excited about going to Croatia tomorrow. I'm jiggling with excitement about this one.
4. I'm super excited about seeing Kate tonight! Foie!
5. I got paid today!!

So at the moment I am doing a whole lot of nothing and trying to stop myself from jiggling at my desk. And also spontaneous smiling. I told a story at work this morning of how I couldn't be bothered cleaning the knife I was using to scrape my burnt toast this morning, so I wiped it on my palm and now I have toast ingrained into my hand. Perhaps it was a crap story, or perhaps (and this is probably more likely) they were wowed by my cleaning genius, so all in all, I'm trying to tone down the blabber, smiling and movement as I am going on my 4th holiday for the year and no one on my team has had one yet. Suckers!

I'm also trying not to check Croatia's weather every 5 seconds. I've recently worked out that BBC weather is extremely unreliable so now I am a dedicated follower of It not only tells you the temperature, but what it also actually feels like and I find this a more accurate and well rounded weather source.

The weekend just gone was fantastic. Not only did I get a half day on Friday, but I ended up at the same pub that I went to for my birthday the week before. Then on Saturday I went to SW4 and had a brilliant time - I love The Shapeshifters!! Then on Sunday I headed up to Saffron Walden to spend time with the family and then Monday was Notting Hill Carnival which was crazy, fun crazy that is. The amount of booty grinding that was going on put my new found booty shaking abilities to shame! The worst thing was the raw chicken Anna and I almost ate at the Jerk Chicken tent. You would think that a piece of bird that was chargrilled to the point of total blackness would be cooked, but no. And what do they do when you show them your partly eaten bit of £8 chicken? Put it back on the BBQ to be given to another person! So wrong! I also tried some curried goat which so tender, but despite my newly found spice palate, I still had to shake my tongue in the wind to cool it down. Maybe I'm still slightly spiced challenged.

Oh, I also went to my 2nd West End show and saw Chicago with Cass. It was absolutely brilliant. I did some broadway moves after on the way to the tube. I think there was also some singing. Needless to say I was inspired to unleash my talents to the public.

Ok, gotta go and eat lunch. I've held out til 1, but then again, I have had a rice pudding and piece of bread. I guess some stomaches never change.

Ahhh, this time tomorrow I'll be on the plane!!!!! Wooooooooohooooooooo xx

Monday, August 20, 2007


So, you've been out for dinner (which was awesome by the way), have gotten to the train station in pretty good time to find out that the train is full and even though you bought tickets for £65, they won't let you on the train. So, you run for the Virgin train that's about to leave and is going to Glasgow via Birmingham and hope for the best. You meet a ticket chick who has the biggest front bum you've ever seen but love her cause she doesn't charge you extra for the tickets to hop on an entirely different train or for the extra journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Then you arrive in Birmingham at 2am, become a member of the Gala Casino so you can sit somewhere warm (couldn't find a bar), then hop on the train to Glasgow at 5:30am. Then, after no sleep cause you have a sleeping in public transport impediment, the train stops in a place called Motherwall cause there is a major signalling problem in Glasgow so you get off and then find a bus to get on that's going to Edinburgh. So, 12 hours later, you arrive in a freezing Edinburgh, thanking Meg's profusely because she gave you her jacket because you are an idiot who thought it would be hot there. That last point was based on nothing other than the fact that it was hot there last year despite the fact it was cold in London and going north = even colder weather.

So, Edinburgh welcomed us with gale force winds, heavy rain and a freezing temperature which was kind of good because the wind slapping my face kept me awake. We went and sat in a pub and ate then wandered around and found our hostel. The hostel ended up being a converted church and all the rooms had partisans with no roofs. So essentially, it was a really big sleep over in a church. We then headed back into the old town and sat in a pub with lots of old people for about 5 hours. I actually fell asleep sitting up which was the source of amusement for all at the table. We saw a funny show but had trouble staying awake, then tried to stay out (made it til 1:30 ish on no sleep) and then piked but ended up waiting in the rain for 1.5 hours trying to get a cab.

After having a good 5 hours sleep, we got up, had breakfast and went to a free show in the basement of some pub. It was funny, but my eyes kept on drooping and I was afraid he'd pick on me, so I spend the most part of it in terror that I was going to fall asleep in my seat.

Then we went to the Spiegltent/gardens which were really disappointing. They were completely different to Adelaide's Garden of Unearthly Delights, which is, in my opinion, waaaay better than Edinburgh's. There was no grass, no trapeze, no fairy lights. No doof doof food. Nothing. Just some plastic chairs and astro turf. So then we went and saw some street performers and then headed back to London.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Yep. I can't believe it. And I was just feeling ok with 25. Then BOOM. I'm 26. Another year older and kind of closer to 30 than I'd like. Surely I'd be a little more mature by now? Like some kind of overnight transformation. Mmm, overnight maturity. Like cheese. I could really do with a cheese platter. With fig jam. Oh, and a slice of pear. Camembert of course. Wait, no I couldn't. I am so full. This morning I woke up to an awesome breakfast surprise thanks to Skinner and Anna. We had pain du chocolat and croissants with cheese. Oh and grapes. And passion fruit juice, and if course, tea. Hell, it's England and it was kind of cold this morning. Then I got to work and had a piece of chcoclate mud cake on my desk with an oversized hobnob birthday card (it's so cool)and £50 worth of itunes vouchers! Then I ate some hobnobs (left over from being photographed for the card) with my tea. Then Kerry and Frances stopped past for lunch with me and my team at the bbq nazi place. Unfortunately I've had to do some work today which has totally ruined my otherwise fantastic birthday.

Yesterday I had the day off and spend it with mum. Actually, rewind that. It started on Wednesday night when mum and I went and got half price tickets to Les Miserables. It was my first time and it was really good. Oh and we had strawberry Haagen Daaz. Mum agreed that it was one of the best ice creams. Ok, maybe I have added some creative licence to that sentence, but she did say it was good. Then back to yesterday. I was hoping for a lie in, but mum was up and dressed at 8 and peering over at me, so I figured I should get up. We headed to Richmond for a coffee. There was a slight problem in the fact that no coffee shops were open, but we managed to find one and the coffee wasn't too rank (it's kind of hit and miss here).

Then we headed to Hamstead Heath (so we've gone from West London to North London) to find the famous view of London's cityscape. We found it, it was unimpressive, so we looked for somewhere to have lunch. We had the most amazing bread at this cute little pub. First off we had this beautiful ciabatta with pieces of olives and then, as I was feeling greedy, asked for seconds and got a basket full of sundried tomato bread. A total bonus.

Then mum and I headed to the National Gallery for some culture. It was good, but as usual when I am exposed to religious art, got extremely tired. Mum acted as guide and told me lots of interesting stuff which I tried really hard to retain, but forgot by the time we left.

After the influx of intellect and culture my brain needed a rest, so we went to Oxford Street. I didn't buy anything interesting (I am trying SO HARD to go shopping but I can't seem to find anything I like). Then we went to Busapa which is my favourite restaurant here. Everyone will be surprised to learn I ordered a curry (a real one - Muslim beef and had visible chili thank you very much). Mum tried some and said it was too hot for her. I think I may be hard core.

So tonight I'm heading to Islington for drinks and dinner, then Skinner, Anna, Cassie and I are heading to Euston to catch the train to Edinburgh at 11:25pm. Ewwww, night train. I found out it's going to be 15 degrees there and I didn't bring a jacket. Ugh. Oh well.

Biggest joke for today. Mum received my postcard from Hamburg which apparently had about 5 spelling mistakes and sentences (spelt that word wrong on it)that didn't make sense. I checked that it wasn't my atrocious handwriting. But mum double checked and realised it was just cause I'm a dumb ass. Yes, I am a fantastic hire as a writer. This is why I want to laugh when people ask me whether certain words need apostrophes etc. As if I bloody know!

Ok, gotta go down the pub. It's birthday drink time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The weekend wrap up

I had an interesting weekend. A couple of things happened.

I played Frisbee for the first time (although this may be like ‘I’ve never been to Hamburg’ when indeed, I was there in 1988 and forgot)

I met three people in one night that I didn’t like

I quite obviously acted like I didn’t like these people because they picked it up straight away.

Now, I know in regards to the last two points, some of you are going, nooooooo, you being subtle about not liking someone? Never! But seriously, it was in the first sentence with each of them that they made this claim that I didn’t like them. At the time it wasn’t true. But then this got me thinking. Do I not like them? Damn straight.

Let me set the scene. We had a house party. People came – phew, but a few mistakes were made:

1. Inviting the neighbours
2. Having my mum arrive the next day at 10am
3. Irish people meeting chicks at tube stations and then bringing them to a party of people they don’t know and then getting her to pose as his girlfriend

Now, for the most part, the house party was fun. The d├ęcor was excellent, even if I do say so myself. Tea lights were placed inside stolen lolly bags from Woolworths, the garden flooded because our drains suck and half of the garden was tramped into our house and we even had a dancefloor. Oh, and a token Sainbury’s trolley in the living room. Just for decoration of course.

Now, onto the tools.

Tool 1: Is one of our neighbours. He pissed all over our toilet floor. I don’t need to say any more do I? Oh wait, I do, he claimed the party sucked because there was no hip hop playing. I told him to go upstairs if he didn’t like the music. This was after he said I didn’t like him. I figured I had nothing to loose.

Tool 2: was highly offended when I asked who he was. I know, it’s very controversial asking random guests at your house party who they are. He consoled himself with some other random girl on our futon. It was romantic.

Tool 3: friend of neighbours and probably number one in the toolbox. In a nutshell; ‘I’m the biggest f*ckin’boxer in London man – yea’ (this was on repeat), throwing his drink again the wall (twice), jogging around the house punching the air Rocky style and bitching about how the party sucked. Plus he was the last to leave. At 5am he was still there punching the bloody air in the living room.

Oh, but in other news I’ve learned how to sleep with my ipod in my ears.

I also caught up with mum yesterday after furiously mopping and cleaning up 15 minutes before I was suppose to meet her. It was like the 90’s spray and wipe ad, but with waaay more dirt, no bad lipstick and Superman boxers.

I’m heading into dangerous territory (i.e the next age tick box) this week. I think I may cry. Plus, this time last year I was in Lake Como about to head to the Greek Islands. And now, I’m at work…looking up where I can go for high tea for my birthday day off – woo!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Orbing. Was so much fun!!!

Ok, here’s the Orb 411.

Firstly, you have to do a run up and dive through a hole into the ball. I planned on being rather graceful, but my legs didn’t go all the way through, and they kind of bounced back up and hit the top of the hole. Then you get strapped in, facing your partner. Mine was Mimi, a designer in my team. Because we were two girls and it was fairly windy, we were airborne for parts. It wasn’t scary, hilarious would probably be a better description. I was crying from laughter because the g-force was distorting Mimi’s face. Plus, she said she was going to vomit (probably wouldn’t have been as funny if she had actually spewed because it would have landed on me) and her head was bouncing all over the place.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Today is absolutely beautiful and I’m stuck at work making a playlist for the party – ha!

Uh oh, it's after 5 and I haven't done work for a meeting first thing Monday morning!!! Ok, 30 minutes of thinking starting NOW.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

Encounters of the famous kind. Oh, and the arrival of summer. Finally.

Finally, summer arrived in London. It was short, but boy, was it good. The sun was shinning, get this, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And then this morning it was raining. It was glorious. London when it’s sunny is one of the best places to be. Well, apart from the Greek Islands, or Australia for that matter. Ok, anywhere is beautiful when the sun is shinning. The word shinning is looking wrong, perhaps I’m spelling it wrong, but then again it would be shining and that just wouldn’t be right. Hmmm, now I’ve spent way too long debating that completely useless point and I’ll never get that time back in my life. I could have been doing something way more productive, like eating my morning snack.

BREAKING NEWS! I just went to the chemist to buy some drugs for my snotty nose and saw Jamie Oliver!!!! So exciting. He’s a little porky and not very tall. But he was wearing purple and I love a man who wears the colour of sexual frustration. It was my first famous person sighting. Anna saw Matt Shirvington the other week and I was very jealous.

I had such a nice weekend despite feeling like I was going to pass out and also having weird temperature changes (and I wasn’t even on the tube!). Saturday I went to Notting Hill with Skinner. We walked past where Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gy(can’t sell the rest of his name) used to live. We also managed to stuff our faces with some lunch – the food there is fantastic. I had a baguette and managed to cut the sides and top of my mouth from eating it too quickly. Luckily, there was an icecream stand near by and I alleviated the pain with strawberry movenpick (cone not cup). Then we headed to Hyde Park where we lay on the grass, read magazines and laughed at a miniature French pug get humped on the head by a massive dog. And no, we did not get our kit off like everyone else making the most of the sunshine.

Then we went shopping, I finally bought a black bag to replace the free one I got with a magazine that I had been using (this info is no doubt fascinating to everyone) and then went home to get ready for roller disco!

Roller disco was so much fun. After we missed the train stop and spent about ½ an hour wandering around trying to find the place we finally got there and boy, was it worth it. Every gets really dressed up old skool style and they play 70’s disco tracks. There are some pretty awesome skaters there who even dance on their skates. Think funky black dudes NYC style wearing crazy lycra outfits. The hardcore skaters even have flashing wheels. I got all enthusiastic about roller skating after and even contemplated buying some to roll around the house in.

Sunday was spent lazing in Tooting Common eating M&S fruit salad and chips, listening to the pod and reading my book. We bought a Frisbee at the shop but decided we should practice in the backyard first before we let ourselves loose in public.

And now it’s another week at work, but it’s a short one cause we are heading to Brighton to go Zorbing for a team building thing. Should be fun! If I don’t crap myself doing it!