Monday, September 24, 2007

The important things in life

There are moments in my job that I stop and think about how I can possibly continue to do this without shooting myself in the head. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time when I get told to think of headlines that can only contain 5 words, be emotive and use the word cow, I say “sure”. Then there are days like today where I get phone calls saying “the client doesn’t like the word ‘commemorative’”. I say “how about celebration?” The account service person says “mmmm, ummm, yes, I guess that would do, but can you think of more?” I put the phone down and then smack myself in the head with my hand. Then I begin to recall other professionally fulfilling days at work. Like the time I had an argument with an account service person about whether you say “via email” or “by email”. I mean, seriously, this is important stuff. Am I actually having these conversations? Do I really get paid to do this? Can I possibly live with myself doing this completely bullshit job?

Sorry. I’m grumpy cause I haven’t had enough sleep and at 2:55pm my shoes are still drenched from this morning.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Let’s take a moment. I want to share my weekend with you. Shut your eyes. Think of me. She who recently had to Google ‘rugby words’ so she could sound like she knew what she was talking about on a job at work, draped in an Aussie flag, face painted with yellow and green wallabies and even drinking a beer (not Fosters, eeww) at a World Cup match. Yes, I was patriotic, sporty-like and in Cardiff on the weekend supporting the boys (ha!) for the Wales vs Australia World Cup game. It was awesome. Cardiff has arguably (because I’m an expert) the best stadium in the world. And, as told to us by our taxi driver, who could have talked underwater with rocks in his mouth, the only stadium in the world on the city’s High Street. The atmosphere was electric. When the Welsh sang their national anthem the hairs on my arms stood up. Of course, that was nothing compared to my singing of the Australian anthem which went something like ‘for we are young and free mumble mumble’. I do actually know all the words, but I had the Crows song in my head for some reason, so some remixing/confusion was occurring while trying to sing with due pride and patriotism.

However, I almost didn't get a chance to sing or see the game. Being the clever person I am, I left my £86 ticket on the ground outside the stadium. It was only after having my face painted and posing for a few photos that I realised, freaked out and ran back to where I thought I had left it. Luckily it was still lying on the ground, untouched.

Now, I’ve come to discover that when you start drinking at 11am, by the time it’s 7pm and you’ve already started a dancefloor at the bar, it feels like at least 1am. But I managed to pull through and get some free buffet in the process. Skinner and I were eyeing it off for at least half an hour before deciding to give it a crack. We couldn’t see any staff supervision, so we decided to risk it and help ourselves. Unfortunately, I was caught with plate in hand and the other on the handle of the spoon to the pasta bake when we got asked for a ticket. Luckily, I’m great at thinking on my feet, and stood there looking dumb and finally said ‘oh, do you need a ticket’? Skinner was no help whatsoever and thought of a comeback line about an hour later. However, we persevered and went in again with another game plan. To make other people without tickets go in front so they would get caught first. It paid off, and we ended up getting a plate full of food and sat in a dark corner stuffing our faces before feeling very satisfied.

It’s also a little depressing when the caravan park cabin you stay in is actually nicer than your house, so I have decided on a few prerequisites for my next house in London:

1) a toilet than flushes first go and seat not broken
2) hot water that works
3) a bit of carpet

Anyway, so the weekend was finished off with wasting time til the bus left with thinking of different food to eat:

1) Cajun chicken burger
2) Icecream
3) Twix
4) Cheese platter (mmm cheese)

I was also provided with a great source of amusement on the bus home. In fact, I’m still laughing as I type. The girl I was sitting next to was a heavy head nodder. So as she dozed on the bus, her head would fall to the side and she would continually donk her head on the window. Every time I heard the thud I started shaking with laughter. Silent laughter of course, I wouldn’t want to wake her up and then not have anything to laugh as it was a reasonably long ride home.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Slackness is a terrible thing. It’s like putting jam in your cup of tea because it’s the closest thing around you can’t be bothered getting up for sugar. Erm, not that I’ve done that before…

Anyway, I am freshly back from Croatia, relaxed, slightly tanned no thanks to the crap weather and vowing to cut down on my food intake for at least a week (so far it hasn’t happened). My favourite place was Split. There was something kind of magical about it. The clincher for number one spot was on our last night there. When Anna and I were walking back to our hostel we wandered into an old square where an acoustic set was playing with couples doing impromptu tango. It was one of those wow moments in life that simply make you feel good and happy to the core.

Back to sailing. The cruise was fun. Our boat was probably the crappiest one in the line, but the people were great, food fantastic and really, that’s all that counts. Our captain was this 70 year old Croatian dude who got into the homemade liquor on one too many occasions and ended up partying with us up on deck. I think he got told off after one particularly big night where he insisted on me riding on his back and asking Anna to meet him in his room. It was funny though. After 3 days of stunning weather it ended up pissing down for the rest of the trip. The weather was so bad that we couldn’t port in the planned destinations and on a few days the rocking was so bad no one left their beds. With the exception of breakfast and lunch of course. Well, for me anyway.

In breaking drinking news I have switched to vodka quite successfully which is great for the availability and cost factors. Drinking, as it is in most European countries is quite cheap, as the cost of soft drink is almost the same as alcohol.

I’m quite proud of myself in the fact that I’ve waited 5 paragraphs to talk about the food I ate! Progress! Let’s just say I’ve never eaten so much bread in my life. It was so tasty with a beautiful crusty outer and soft inner. Mmmm, I’m getting hungry thinking about it. Ok, I got so hungry reliving the bread I had to go and get my lunch.

The excitement is not over though. I'm off to Wales this weekend for the Australia vs Wale World Cup match. Ok, I know, I know nothing about rugby, but I definitely do atmosphere. I feel my patriotism at an all time high.