Saturday, June 24, 2006

So much fun, so little time (to find internet)

Hi there

FInally been able to get internet access that doesnćt cost an arm and a leg. I am currently in Croatia so please excuse the typing cause some of the keys are funny. Croatia is stunning. We finally have had some time to laze around as this tour has been pretty full on (but still so much fun).

SInce my last update I have been to Rome and Venice (I think. I may have been to some more places but it is becoming a bit of a blur). Both were awesome. Oh, I went to Monaco too. Did all the touristy things including getting lost in Venice. I said to the girl I am sharing a bed/room with most nights on tour that I have no sense of direction and we should always do the opposite of what I think. This theory was proven correct yesterday when I got us lost on the way back to St Marks square. It's fun getting lost though. We walked through some cool cobbled backstreets. Gelati helps too. I have been eating gelati like its going out of fashion. I think today is the first time I haven't had it in a week.

Today we went to the Posjana Caves (that's not how you spell it but you get my drift). They were amazing. We went on this electric train through all these canyons and then got out and walked through the caves. My description does not do this place justice. Nor do phots which is unfortunately the case with a lot of the places I have been visiting.

Tomorrow I am debating whether or not to take a boat to the island of Rab in Croatia - god, my life is so hard! Some people were talking about hiring a boat so I am not sure what I am going to do. Decisions decisions.

Next we are off to Slovenia which will be awesome and then to Austria and Czech Republic. I watched the soccer the other night in Venice at our camping ground. It was so much fun as the place was filled with Aussies.

I am having an absolute ball here and can't believe that it is going so quickly. I have seen so many beautiful and amazing things and cant wait to tell you all in more detail when I get back.

Hope you are all well xx

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sorry, been busy...

Hey all

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, but you know, I've been travelling the world. It´s about 445am and I´m writing this post at the moment because email is hard to get to during the day as everyone wants to use it. I am in Barcelona at the moment and it is awesome.

I´´ll give you a brief run down of what I have been doing before my eyes totally shut. Sorry in advance if this doesn´t make sense.

Paris - nice. Glad I am going back there to check it out. Went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa - it was a little disappointing. There were other paintings in the museum which were far more impressive.

Lauterbrunnen - AWESOME. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Avignon - AWESOME (sorry, am running out of adjectives). I thought it would be a bit of a nothing place but it was so beautiful.

Barcelona - so far AWESOME. Have just been out for a tapas meal, a flamingo show and also some salsa dancing. Tomorrow, well, today, I am heading out to check the place out. I think I will need a siesta though.

Next I am off to Nice which will be nice haha, sorry, lame I know, but it is now 5am and someone was snoring in the dorm last night so I haven´t had much sleep.

I hope you are all well and sorry this is such a short post. I have so much to tell you as I am having the most fantastic time away. I will try and post again when there is better internet access and my eyes are not so droopy.

Adios amigos!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Would you like a cuppa tea?

BTW that title was done in a really bad pommy accent.

I would just like to take the opportunity to apologise for any spelling mistakes, bad use of grammar and also sentances that don't make sense on this blog. Sometimes my brain and fingers don't work together and one or the other gets left behind to create something that leaves people wondering if I actually went to school, let alone get a degree in Communications/Professional Writing. I think my mum may be reading this shaking her head as she speaks english heaps good.

Ok, so now I am in sunny London. Yes, it's true, it is actually sunny. When I first arrived I think it was 22 degrees so everyone was sun baking in the parks. The amount of white flesh I was exposed to was a little scary. And disturbing. How about disturbingly scary? My first day here was a little bit of a blur. I got DRILLED at customs as to why I was in the country and why I didn't know my sister's street name. Hello, I hadn't slept for 24 hours! Then I got asked why I was going to Aberdeen and why I didn't know my cousin's job description amongst other questions. It was really full on!

In order to try and keep me awake my sister and brother in law took me to Kensington Gardens where we had a walk around and my nephew had a play in the playground. I managed to stay awake until 730 and then slept for 14 hours straight. It was awesome.

London is a lot different to New York. The colours here are a lot less vibrant. Like the colour of the sky, the houses and the scenery seem to be watered down and the whole vibe is just mild (this is the only word I can think to describe it). It's really hard to explain but I haven't clicked with the place as I did with New York.

Yesterday my sister and I went to a local park and had lunch. It felt very British. I don't know why. I didn't even have a cup of tea. I can't actually remember what we did after that. Later on that afternoon I went and met Hannah and some of her friends at London Bridge which was cool. Had my first tube ride which was no worries.

Today I went to Hampton Court which is a beautiful palace that belonged to Henry the somethingth (the dude who was a prick and beheaded a couple of his wives - men pfft). It had gorgeous gardens in which we had lunch. I am seriously going to have to be rolled off the plane when I come home as I am eating so well over here.

I am heading off to my youth hostel to start my tour on Thursday night. Well, staying there Thursday night for a 630am start on Friday morning. Hopefully I can get another entry in before hand.

Hope everyone is well. Let me leave you with a theory I am planning on developping while I am away. The way a toilet flushes is a good anaology of the country.....For example, the US had a very full on, brash, almost violent flush and sucked everything down in one quick go. Here in England the flush is very weak and puncy. Hmmmm, think about it at least. I think I am onto something.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Final NY Entry

Just sitting in the hotel waiting for my shuttle to the airport...

I have spent all day shopping which has been most satisfying yet I am still feeling a little unfulfilled. There was so much shopping potential, however due to spacing issues I had to restrain myself which was a little strange for me. I did of course manage to buy some things which I am not sure where exactly I am going to put seeing as though all of my bags are currently full....hmmmmm.

I am hoping my flight won't be delayed as it is quite foggy today due to the rain. I will be sad to say goodbye to New York but not to the people. At the beginning their rudeness was funny. Now it's just annoying. I am really over dumb ass yanks. They take themselves so seriously.

Across the road at the supermarket that I am in love with the check out 'associates' are the rudest people I have ever met!! They don't say hello to you, don't look you in the eye, take five hours to put your food through the checkout and act like it's the biggest inconvenience ever. How dare you make them work! Geez. Last night I decided I would try and be really friendly so I said thank you loudly and smiled (ok, so it was my fake smile but they didn't know that!). The check out 'associate' gave me a withering look, said nothing and then squirted moisturiser on her hands...

Must go collect my bags now. Next post, London.

Yes, I have free internet access

I'm just about to look for some dinner, but I just wanted to share my day with you all. I had a total Sex and the City moment today. Actually, before I tell you about that I will give you a run down of my shopping day. I ended up walking to 5th Ave from my hotel which is about 30 blocks (pfft, who needs to go to the gym). By the time I got there I was feeling very sweaty and not at all 5th avenuey (Yes, I know that's not a real word) seeing as though there is Gucci, Versace etc stores all along that street. Anyway, I have been trying very very hard to buy some clothes while I have been here but haven't seen anything I like. I have no idea why. I don't know what's wrong with me, I never have this problem at home. In the end, as I am sure you will all be glad to know, I did find something nice, but this is after going into this particular store about 3 times. I also went into Saks 5th Avenue which scared the shit out of me. I went up to the ladies department which ended up being all clothes over $5000. So I pretended I was looking for something (I was wearing my $6 Supre thongs by the way) and then casually went back into the lift and got the hell out of there!!

After that, I went shopping for some souvenirs. Of course as soon as I paid for my over priced fridge magnets it ended up pissing down with rain like it did the night before. Luckily I had my umbrella (thanks Naomi!) but I still got drenched. I tried to take the subway back to the hotel but it was closed because of the rain flooding the tracks. On my 30 block walk back to the hotel in the rain I walked past the Museum of Modern Art (this is my Sex and the City moment by the way = New York, running in the rain and an art gallery - remember that episode??!) and went in. It usually costs $20 to get in but on Friday afternoons it's free. How lucky is that? Anyway, I had a very cultural afternoon looking at some canvases painted completely in blue, and others painted red with one stripe going down the middle. Perhaps I should think about taking up painting?? The best part of the gallery was the photography which was fantastic.

Anyway, I am in the lobby of the hotel at the moment and there is a guy on the computer behind me who just asked me if I was writing the bible. And he's talking to himself now. I really should leave.

Ok, off now to have another New York moment...eating dinner by myself somewhere.

BTW I am off to London tomorrow - hello another 6 hour flight.

More New York

I tried putting this post up before. Let's see if it works this time..

Ok, hopefully my brain is working a little better now and I can remember some more of what I have been doing!!

Here it goes:

- Went to the Statue of Liberty. Took a million picutres of her at different angles. Will have to delete them, how boring. Was good though. She is very small.

- Went to the Empire State Building - was a cool view. A guy from the tour proposed to his girlfriend at the top - how tacky is that? Oh, and they xray you before you go in, then they take your picture for 'security purposes', it just so happens that you have to stand infront of this picutre of a miniature Empire State Building. Some say security, I say let's make money.

- Went to Ground Zero. Did not want to go, but it was part of the tour. Of course the Americans have made it into a tourist site. There were people taking photos. I thought that was tacky. Even more tacky than being proposed to on the Empire State Building.

- Went on my Sex and the City tour. I was unfortunately sick so I didn't really enjoy it. All I wanted to do was get off the bus and take some drugs for my cold! I did get a photo on Carrie's steps and also ate the cupcake that I was so exited about. It was worth it. I was so good. I could write more about the cupcake but I know no one will get my excitement. I'll just say this; sweet fluffy goodness.

- Went to Grand Central Station - was very impressive. Then had to catch the subway back to the hotel in peak hour traffic. No wonder New Yorkers scowl. It sucked! I am so au fait with the subway now. Yes, I am feeling pleased with myself.

- Went to Canal St. Was still feeling sick and as it is so hot here at the moment I felt like I was going to faint all the time. Then as I looked at the bags I thought to myself, do I really want to be carrying this for 3.5 months? Hell no. At least my bank account will be thanking me for the small back pack.

- Went to Macy's - was excited to begin with but it just felt like David Jones with an exchange rate.

- Went to a Broadway show. WAS AWESOME. We went and saw Rent and it was just so cool. The crowd starting clapping with the music and getting really into it and then we all stood up at the end. The only downside was that it absolutely pissed down with rain before we started looking for the theatre. Now I mean PISSED down. I have never seen such a downpour in my life. I was drenched when I got to the theatre so I sat there in wet clothes for 2 hours with a cold. Not good, but worth it. Hung around in Times Square after. I love Time Square. I have been there 3 times on this trip and don't think I could get sick of it. Then we went to this 'dive bar' where this horribly fat ugly MARRIED man was sitting there buying this girl drinks who was practically falling over the bar trying to squeeze her clevage at the barman. Honestly, some men are so dumb. After racking up a tab she left the fat guy to pay for it. He then turned to me and said he would buy me my drinks. I said no and he acted all insulted. Hello, the woman he just paid $100 worth of drinks for was flirting with the barman and ignoring him and he acts insulted because I politely say no to him buying me drinks. Dumb ass. Between him and the other barman (not the co flirter) who was really an 'actor/director/writer I had had enough and went home.

Today I am going to that supermarket that I wrote about before to get some lunch and then am heading to 5th Ave for some shopping. Tonight is my last night here and then I am off to London tomorrow. I am not looking forward to another flight. At least this is the last one for a while.

Hope you are all well.