Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Backpack wins

Ok, so I am going to take a backpack. Maybe I'll get some muscles. I am going to hate all of my clothes by the time I come back. I am going to hate my backpack by the time I come back. At least I'll be good at rolling things, it's always good to build up your skill set.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Suitcase vs Backpack

So a few people have been playing with my mind in regards to whether I should be back packing or suitcasing it.

Backpack pros
- I am staying in Youth Hostels while I am on my tour. When I think of Youth Hostels I think of backpacks
- Lots of places in Europe don't have lifts so the thought of dragging a suitcase up 5 flights of stairs isn't very appealing
- If I am on a train/subway/underground/walking around on the street in any of my chosen cities, a packpack would be less cumbersome.

Backpack cons
- You would have to be REALLY organised in your packing. Imagine if you need a pair of socks and they are ALL the way down the bottom of your bag - what a pain!
- Not as much room for all of my stuff
- I have no arm, back or upper body strength
- No wheels, so much lifting
- I don't have one so I would have to buy/borrow one
- Megan told me not to take one, she said I would hate it. I believe her. She knows me well.

Suitcase pros
- More room
- Can find things more easily
- Wheels = dragging
- I have one already (it's purple, at least I won't loose it)
- Compartments

Suitcase cons
- No lift = trouble
- Big and cumbersome

I had it all worked out before these people who shall remain nameless (but you know who you are!)started confusing me!