Friday, December 03, 2010

Awkward work moment no. 6,899

On Wednesday night after some 'organised fun' I was standing around a man meat circle with each of the various species trying to outdo their bowling (yes, bowling) scores. Losers. Anyway, after practically beating their chests and grunting, I decided to make a joke. Now, I admit, it wasn't my funniest but it was a kind of mix of sarcasm and a joke, you know, easily pass-off-able but worthy of at least a ‘ha’. So, after the last score was grunted I then said:

‘Why don’t we just all get our cocks out?’


It occurred to me during the canyon of conversation killer silence I had made several mistakes. The first was to assume the Neanderthals had realised they were competing in a macho bowling score showdown. They had not, in fact, amongst the circle this was probably considered ‘conversation’. The second mistake was to not quantify my joke. The third was not to laugh after the delivery to encourage a sympathetic response. I really need to work on my reaction times. Or my jokes.