Sunday, June 21, 2009

In one weekend

You can be having the time of your life
You can be reliving the worst time of your life
You can experience an overwhelming sense of relief
You can be broken
You can be hoping for a time when you feel normal again
You can be making mistakes you've made many time before
And you can be waiting for the day your skin doesn't itch anymore

How can one weekend bring such a varied outcome for myself and my friends? For some reason I had the chance to speak to most of my friends from around the world today and shit, I've never had such a variation of sad, happy and strange events retold to me. We're so wrapped up in our own lives that you completely forget that one of your friends could be having the best or the worst time of their life. Of course, you can't go around thinking that all the time, but when you do, it's an mix of a strange and interesting, which is pretty much guaranteed when it comes to thinking about life. Note: I just had a sleep in between those last two sentences, is that a bit weird?

My own wallowing this weekend has made me feel reflective on the things I don't appreciate enough. Of course, the day I get through a day without getting stupid welts all over me, I'll forget all this worthiness, but at the moment, I'm wheeling and dealing with myself like a crack addict looking for their next fix. So at the moment, I'm repeating to myself that I will never complain about going to work again if I get through 9-10pm tonight without a rash appearing. I just want to get better and this stupid reaction to be over. Stupid suspected Romania and it's stupid bugs. Stupid non Romanian things that could also be making me itchy. Stupid everything but I'll also even stop saying the word 'stupid' if they don't come up again. Yeah body? How does that sound?

It's funny that when something is wrong, all you can do is think of how appreciative you'll be of the day it all goes right again. I remember thinking back to having a really bad cold, and all I could think was; the night I can breathe again through my nostrils again will mark me appreciate every breath I take from that day on. Of course, I take every non snotted up breath for granted, but still, these promises we make to ourselves are sometimes hilarious.

Or maybe it's just me who does that?

I need to go and vacuum my room and put my boiled sheets back on my bed.

P.S For everyone who is finding out for the first time about these welts, I'm fine, I've just got a suspected allergic reaction that is impartial to a bit of 9pm action it seems. I've sought the appropriate medical advice and am non spready, just itchy within my own core of 'allergy' (I don't know where that last sentence came from).