Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I don't get emos. I don't get why people wear their sunglasses indoors and I sure as hell don't get Myspace. Well, I take that back. I get it. I've been on there. I've checked out bands on there and I have friends on there. I get why it's great for unsigned artists etc, but I just don't get the point of it for 'normal' people.

The templates are chunky and the banner advertising is just plain ugly not to mention annoying. Then there seems to be a competition to see how many 'friends' you can get on your page. It just seems to be a self serving and indulgent example our obsession with being the voyeur. Sure, my blog is self serving as well, but it just doesn't seem as tacky as having a bio about your star sign, whether you're single, straight, a social smoker or drinker. Is it just me, or does it seem like an online bordello?

Ugh, there's just something icky about Myspace. But perhaps I'm just a blog snob?

P.S - To my friends who have a myspace page....I don't think you guys are self serving, indulgent or whoring yourselves out. It's just everyone else - ha!


Mr Yoel said...

Death to myspace!
All hail the blog. BLLOGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

Wood said...


Dances With Zombies said...

My Space is fucking ugly.... but that's why it's free!

Go to the Sprites page and download 'George Romero', it makes the existence of My Space worthy in just 3:26 of pure pop goodness.

And if My Space is a voyeurs paradise then surely a blog is an exhibitionists playground??


Wood said...

Yo Zombie head - I'll have a look at that page...as for your last dig, nice try buddy, but the baiting sooooooo didn't work!

Dances With Zombies said...

Far be it for me to bait such a linguist but I was merely adding my own observation on the internet and it's myriad of self exposition options. Which is kind of what your entry was about, no?

Anonymous said...