Sunday, June 12, 2011

Same same but different

It's crazy how you can go from one life to another and you feel no change. Where was the waking up in a different place, a different bed and not know where I was? WHERE IS THE FANFARE AND FIREWORKS BRAIN?! Despite it only being two weeks, living in France, in the countryside, with cows, it feels completely normal. Sure, I've always had breakfast in the Chateau kitchen, gone into stranger's rooms and made their beds, gone for afternoon bike rides through rolling green pastures dotted with grazing cows. I know I used to live in London, I used to have a job, sit on the tube for two hours a day, go to meetings where fuckwits told me unsolvable problems were my creative challenge. I remember falling asleep to the sound of tramps throwing bottles at one another, but my new reality has shoved that all aside.

So this makes me wonder, just how much can you fuck around with your life and your brain will just fool you into think it's completely normal?

Me: I'm through with being a woman. I'm going to be a man now.

Brain: I mean, you're going to have to change all your bank account details etc but OK, sounds fun, let's do it!

Me: From tomorrow onwards I am going to write poetry, develop a phobia of jackets and will only answer to the name Shaniqua.

Brain: Shaniqua is a shit name, but I could work with it if you decided to make it ghetto spoken word?

The possibilities are endless!

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