Friday, November 06, 2009

Me, right now

I'm a bus person.
I'm someone who gets free furniture off the web.
I'm embracing the constant urge to put things away.
I'm a bed maker (well, only once).
I'm a bulk buyer.
I'm a leader in lunch preparation.

I love my new place, although it still feels like I'm on holiday. It's shiny and clean, although I'm not sure how long that will last. It doesn't have that lived in feeling yet, but it will. Probably when I stop putting my clothes back on the hangers. Yeah, the novelty will wear off soon. I give myself a week.

You know, I have no idea how I accumulated so much stuff. I don't buy that many clothes, nor do I hoard. You'd think I would have learned my lesson after packing up in Adelaide and then again in London. But no. I've had to throw away numerous bags of shit as well as infiltrate Luke's storage section, and by section, I mean the 1/4 space I left for him under the bed. Never again I have sworn to myself. I will throw something out to every new dress I buy. I will stay away from the shops and never accept free books or shoes. I will stay strong and minimalistic. Roar.

This weekend I can't wait to do some exploring, there are local farmers markets, cute breakfast places and museums to see. I can't wait! Oh and fireworks on Saturday night at Victoria Park for Guy Fawkes. I might even bake something, yes, I am a stranger walking in slanty eyes' body. Having said that, I uncharacteristically sewed on some buttons on the weekend. Rest assured, I have not been entirely taken over by an alien force as my key traits of laziness and cutting corners still exist. To explain, I had been wearing jackets with an average of three missing buttons for the past year. I bought a sewing kit 11 months ago. In my fit of domestication, I decided to sew a green button on with blue thread and because I couldn't find any spares, ripping off buttons from the jacket sleeves to replace the missing ones on the front. Not quite Martha Stewart. Maybe more like Martha when she was in jail.