Saturday, January 31, 2009


OH. MY. GOD. I know I'm being stupidly over dramatic, but why is it so frigging hard to choose a mascara?

'Pah', some of you might say. 'What exactly are your difficulties'?, the other, more concerned and sympathetic are thinking. Well, after this afternoon's events, I've pinned them down to the following:

I feel an intense pressure to make a clever purchasing decision because of my inadequately stumpy half Asian eyelashes

I am indecisive while shopping when hungry

I was shopping in Boots* and under it's evil spell

Seriously, as someone who actually writes this crap for a living, you'd think that I'd be immune to any volume boosting claims. Sadly no. When I'm faced with 6 brands, all having about 4 different varieties of volume and lash intensiveness, I freak out. I examine their claims, I look at brush width and material and lastly, I look at the pictures. I ended up picking about three and then changing my mind. Do I want to intensify my lashes by 200%, hell yes! Do I want curl motion technology? Damn skippy I do. I ended up picking one and congratulating myself on my reasonably quick decision and then went on to pick up a foot scraper I didn't know I needed. See? Evil Boots. On my way to the check out I walked past a near empty mascara display. 'God, those must be popular' I thought. 'I don't remember seeing this magical Max Factor variety that gives you false-like lashes'. My mind skipped back to the last time I wore fake eyelashes, when each blink was a fan forced woosh over my face. Bliss for the stumpy lashed girl.

So I quickly shoved the other one under the shelf and went for the chosen one.

I'm so gullible.

*Boots is a pharmacy here that exerts some kind of power on weak people who go in there to buy one thing and come out with three new nail polish colours and a lip gloss they didn't know they needed.


vic said...

Why did we not discuss this BEFORE said purchase was made?? I would've told you to get the hell out of Boots and go somewhere that sells YSL.

Yves Saint Laurent Volume False Lash Effect Mascara is the mascara OF THE GODS (technically goddesses but you get my drift).

And for using the phrase "damn skippy", you deserve to be sneezed on. HA!

Wood said...

You never told me about YSL. Who are you? You've changed.

Debbie Bends said...

I'm with you on the mascara hunt (and have also been completely mesmerised by boots - ah I miss thee. Priceline is my only substitute). I recently bought some mascara with disappointing results, but I did learn a new trick - using an eyebrown comb to separate the lashes after applying mascara. Works a treat. That is if you don't have YSL which I'm def checking out on my next cosmetics excursion.

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